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When faced with challenges in their life most people just 


RIDE out the storm by grinning and bearing it (hint: it just gets worse), SUPPRESS their emotions like a spinter fester-ing, FORGET by using coping mechanisms such as alcohol or food , or spend their time THINKING about the problem, but not getting very far

But, It does not have to be this way ! 

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is powerfully effective because we work with your subconscious mind. We get to the root cause of what is holding you back and reframe and rewire in new beliefs that support you to be your best self which creates lasting change within you.



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We have a 60 min coaching call and discuss who are you feeling, being, thinking and experiencing as the highest version of you?

What lights you up?

What is your life like WITHOUT the problem?

Your conscious vision creates a blueprint for who you want to be. This is powerful and transformational.

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Post coaching call, I will guide you into a light hypnosis for about 2 hours which can lead to regression and allow you to “see” childhood memories that are related to why you are struggling with your issue.  


Once we uncover the old junky stories and false beliefs that are at the root of your problem, we will work together to replace them with helpful new beliefs that are in alignment with who you want to be and the goals you want to achieve. 

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You listen to your bespoke audio recording for 21 days which rewires in the new beliefs that will help you be your best self. 


This helps you to consciously and subconsciously keep affirming and confirming the new beliefs, habits, feelings you have decided to take on.


Once you change the inner “soundtrack" you are on, the external changes happen fast and you start experiencing major shifts in your career, relationships, self worth and confidence.

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You are tired of living with your anxious thoughts, frustration & lack of confidence

You want to get unstuck and unblocked effectively and powerfully.

You are self-motivated 



60 mins coaching call

2 hour RTT® session in hypnosis 

1 personalized 15 min audio recording to rewire in new, supportive beliefs 

1 E-book to rewire in new beliefs & provide accountability support

Follow up 30 mins call after 4 weeks to celebrate your wins and determine your next steps.

Email or text support over 30 days​


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Breakthrough RTT® Package

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You want to handle what life throws at you with confidence and ease

You want to retrain your "monkey mind" powerfully with subconscious rewiring

AND conscious coaching

You want to change how you respond to your thoughts 

You want to feel relaxed, in control & be successful

 You thrive with accountability and support


60 mins coaching call

2 hour RTT® session in hypnosis 

 2 x 45 mins coaching call in week 1 and week 2 of your package

1 personalized 15 min audio recording to rewire in new, supportive beliefs 

1 E-book to rewire in new beliefs & provide accountability support

Follow up 30 mins call after 4 weeks to celebrate your wins and determine your next steps.

Email or text support over 30 days​



RTT® and Coaching Package

Disclaimer:  During our work together I am not acting as a physician and a session does not constitute a doctor patient relationship.  I am not a licensed mental health professional, psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist.  I do not diagnose or treat mental illness.  My certifications include Rapid Transformational Practitioner (RTT-P) and Certified Hypnotherapist (C-Hyp)   



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Here is a sample of a hypnosis recording I created for confidence & relaxation. 
It gives you a taste of what your post-session recording will be like, except that one would be
personalized to what came up in your session.  
Enjoy the feeling of relaxation!

Disclaimer:  Please do not listen to a hypnosis recording while driving or doing anything active. 
It is normal to fall asleep while listening.   

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Thanks for subscribing!


Over the years I've had the privilege of working with phenomenal individuals from all walks of life. Below are just some of the many testimonials I've received.


I felt so much lighter and free after my session with Janhavi. The recording she asked me to listen to every day afterwards helped keep that new way of thinking just below the surface so that I could access it even during the day. Whenever I get caught up in old ways of thinking I now have a powerful tool to shift my focus so that I am growth focused instead of stuck in the past.




Janhavi is an amazing practitioner and therapist. I have been struggling with stress from dry eyes for several years.  I was experiencing headaches, red, dry, painful, and itchy eyes. I love to read but the dry eye symptoms made that a painful endeavor. Janhavi took me to the beliefs that I have that have been causing these issues and healed them.  And it worked! It worked like a miracle. I have read four books - for real. My eyes feel great and they look great! The results speak for themselves! The recording Janhavi made specifically for me is something that I listen to from time to time (I listened to it nightly for 21 days after my session). I find it soothing and it was easy to fall asleep to it. I cannot express how amazing this session was for me. I know that Janhavi’s skills as a therapist can help a person change their lives. She has the knowledge and credentials to help with physical issues and the compassion and kindness to help with mental and emotional concerns. I am so blessed to know her. I wholeheartedly encourage folks to work with her. She’s simply amazing.


Janhavi was a thorough professional from the beginning of the process and through every follow up after. The session was incredible!


Mentally - it is a blend of your conscious thoughts and sub conscious mind, and emotionally - it is like the deepest, most thorough therapy/coaching session you could go to.


Janhavi is such a wonderful blend of being extremely knowledgeable and emotionally supportive. She made me feel at complete ease from our first conversation and explained the whole process in a way that relieved any doubts or nervousness I had prior to the actual session.


I find myself more forgiving of myself -  which is the biggest.  And I put less restrictions on myself, I also talk to myself more positively and in a more nurturing manner.


She followed up to ensure I was doing okay following my session and that I was actually optimizing my learnings. I highly recommend Janhavi - you absolutely HAVE to try a session. 


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  • Will I be under your control in hypnosis?
    No, you will have complete control of everything when you are in hypnosis. You can see, feel, hear everything and you are completely aware. It is similar to a deeply relaxed meditative state. I have had clients even get up to go to the bathroom under hypnosis and come back and resume their session! You don’t have to share anything you don't want to. You will remember everything after the session.
  • What if I can’t get hypnotized?
    Everyone can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is simply a tool to help you relax. It means being in an alpha brain wave state, which your brain naturally does when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night. This is a totally normal state for your brain. I also give you a free relaxation audio recording before your session to help you prepare, so you know what to expect and can get used to being relaxed.
  • Can I get stuck in hypnosis?
    No, you are always in complete control! Remember, you are doing the session and allowing me to work with you because of the issue you are having. You can simply open your eyes and get out of the gentle hypnosis state anytime you want. I have clients open their eyes to go to the bathroom and then restart their session without any issues.
  • How does hypnosis change your beliefs?
    Just like once you know that Santa Claus isn’t real, you can never go back to believing he is real, once you “see” the root cause of your problem, you can let go of the old, false, limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This is the magic of the session, and of being in that relaxed state of hypnosis. You have access to memories and feelings that your over-thinking, conscious brain usually does not allow you to access. AND you are in a suggestible, receptive state so you can give your mind powerful, helpful and transformative suggestions that are in line with your goals. Just relax, and trust that your subconscious mind will lead you to the information you need to know.
  • Is this like coaching or therapy?
    RTT is unlike traditional talk therapy. We do not consciously talk about your problem at hand, we will go into the subconscious root cause of where you feel stuck in hypnosis and once we understand why, we can transform it using a variety of tools during the session. I do offer mindset and mindfullness coaching for those who would like additional support along with their RTT session. You can also purchase individual coaching sessions with me. This allows for conscious and subconscious transformation. Please see my 6 week program and 12 week program for further details. You may find through the session that you need help with further coaching, therapy or additional services with mental health professionals. It is your responsibility to seek those services. I am available for support via text or email to discuss this further after your session.
  • What if I experience memories that are painful? Is this regression?
    You will not be relieving the painful memories, you will be reviewing them, with me, in a safe and confidential place. Reviewing them allows you to understand how they are causing you to be stuck, and will give you the understanding you need to move on. The thorn is already causing you the “prick”. RTT allows you to help remove the thorn at the root cause.
  • Who should not do RTT?
    RTT is not suitable for anyone who has a history of epilepsy, or anyone with a history of psychiatric conditions such as bipolar, schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. If you are having active suicidal or thoughts about harming yourself , I recommend you see a licensed mental health professional right away.
  • I have experienced deep trauma in my life. Can you help me with that?
    While I have been trained to work with traumatic experiences, that is not my focus. I have had experience helping clients who have experienced sexual and physical abuse as children. However, If you have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and if you are primarily looking for help with that, I would recommend another practitioner or a licensed mental health professional. I am happy to provide reccommendations if you need them.
  • How soon can I start to see changes
    Though every client is different, there are 3 types of change from RTT Immediate change - you feel a massive shift in your beliefs and feelings Incremental - you see small shifts every day Retroactive - you don't see any shifts right away but a few months later you look back and realize the change in you Personally, when I did RTT as a client, I noticed changes in myself for 3-4 months and felt that my issue was completely resolved after about 4 months. Your mind loves what is familiar, and sometimes our old neural pathways are so deeply ingrained that our minds like to go back to the “old ways” due to familiarity. It can take some time to really let the new patterns sink in. Even if it is not immediate, trust that you are making progress slowly. What you focus on grows: As you focus on the new pathways , behaviours and beliefs, they will grow, and the old ones will be history. Sometimes, even if an old pattern does pop up, you can observe it and notice, “Oh hey, there’s that old anxious thought again,” and you can choose to let it go. This is part of the mindset coaching that I do.
  • Are the sessions done virtually or in person?
    All sessions are done virtually, on Zoom. You will need a reliable, good internet connection and the ability to have a 3-hour window of quiet, uninterrupted time. Sessions work really well when you are in the comfort of your own home and feel comfortable and relaxed easily.
  • What can I expect to feel after a session?
    Every session is different, some clients complete the session feeling tired; others feel very energetic and refreshed. I advise you to listen to your body and drink lots of water. It is normal to have vivid dreams after a session, which may be your subconscious mind feeding you more information than what came up in the session. Sometimes, clients even feel the release of emotions through their body, by sneezing, coughing, or needing to go to the bathroom more.
  • How many sessions does it take?
    You will feel significant shifts surrounding one area of your life after one session. Most clients like to have 2-3 sessions to tackle complex, longstanding issues. The more specific we are with the core issue, the better the mind responds and the better the results will be. Alternatively, you can choose different areas of your life to do multiple sessions. For eg confidence, money mindset/beliefs & procrastination would be three different sessions or areas of self growth and transformation. Doing the session is about 60% of the work, listening to the audio recording for at least 21 days re-wires the new positive beliefs and is about 40% of the session. The session is a collaborative process and the client must want to change and grow. After the RTT session we have a 20-minute, follow-up call to discuss your wins and shifts, and any future steps that may help.
  • What if I need additional sessions?
    I recommend a period of one month per RTT session so you can listen to the personalized audio recording for the minimum required 21 days and then reevaluate what areas of your life you have noticed a difference and then plan additional sessions after that. You can easily book another RTT session with me.


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