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Why Working With Me Is Different!

I am one of the very few doctors who have also trained in RTT®. I am passionate about helping people in need and creating clarity and transformation in their lives.


I use RTT®  because I have firsthand experience of how powerful a transformation RTT® can achieve.


I have used RTT® to get rid of limiting beliefs surrounding what a doctor can and cannot do. I have addressed my own impostor syndrome and confidence at work.


I truly believe in the limitless possibility of you and believe that you deserve to have a life you are absolutely in love with.


What this means for you is that you have someone who is not afraid to hold space for the "hard things".


I combine my love for science, years of detective skills and experience helping others to create a results-focused roadmap to completely transform your personal and professional life.

Every client has a completely unique session with me and I love creating a personalized, tailored solution for you.  

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How does someone who was in the top 4 of her class in medical school fail her final, oral board certification exam?


Hint: It wasn’t for lack of studying or hard work.  


From the outside, everything looked fine, amazing even. I was in the city of my dreams (NYC), I had completed my fellowship in a field I loved and all I had left was to pass the oral board exam which was the very last stop to becoming a board certified ophthalmologist, something I had dreamed of since my 20’s.  And yet that day, in between seeing patients in clinic, I found out, I had failed the oral board exams.  This was one of the first external signs of the internal dark cloud that had been hovering above me for many months now.

Because even as I was fulfilling my passion to become a doctor, I was suffering from anxious thoughts, disordered eating and unstable, irrational emotions that were my constant companions during my 20’s. But instead of dealing with them, I hid my feelings, feeling alone and isolated.

Failing my exam was a gift in disguise, because it forced me to confront all the demons I had been wrestling with and get help. A therapist advised me to look into “pre menstrual dysphoria disorder” or “pmdd” which is a lot of words for inexplainable mood symptoms like anger, sadness, “dark cloud” emotions that became worse before my monthly menstrual cycle.  There was no real solution or treatment advised and that is when my own personal healing journey began. I did therapy, coaching, reading and my search for solutions led me to rapid transformational therapy® (RTT®), which catapulted my personal growth & healing.  I did pass the oral boards on the next round of the exam. Failure is simply a stepping stone to learning & growth, don't ever think otherwise! 


I don’t have monthly tsunamis anymore, I feel confident at work, I make professional decisions that are in alignment with my core values passions (teaching & patient care), I practice enforcing boundaries, I know I deserve joy every day and so do you. 


That’s when I knew I had to get certified in RTT, so I could help you out from under YOUR dark cloud and help you to live a life you are in love with.

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3 Fun Facts About Me
Didn't Know You Needed To Hear) 

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I moved 9 times with my family before I went to college,

including one flight I took alone when I was 4!!!

(Apparently I was a very mature child).


If I wasn’t a doctor and RTT practitioner I would be a

professional choreographer in Bollywood (one can dream!).


My clients often tell me “your voice is like

a celestial being”, however when I was young I was teased

a lot for my voice! 

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